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Training Level

Solutions for a Complex-Adaptive World

An Innate Strategies 4-Workshop Series
For Leaders and Strategic Consultants
Level I-IV - From Complexity to Aligned Strategic Action
San Francisco Bay area

Solutions won't work simply because they're "right". They will work when they bring critical actors into a more fundamental relationship with the complex reality of their challenge - with the cause and effect that exists between their intention, their actions, and the ecosystem of stakeholders.

As a Leader or Strategic Consultant, it especially seems impossible to get a variety of key stakeholders - in corporations, in communities, in non-profits, and in whole societies - all with different perspectives, different goals, different constituencies, different measures of success - to come to shared understanding and agreement about how to work together to achieve something completely new - something completely necessary - something that solves for both the individual and the whole. This series of workshops enables you to internalize both the mindset and the tools for making the impossible, not only possible, but also rigorously strategic and actionable.

In this series of four, 2-day workshops - each focusing on a different level of strategy and action - The Leader, The Team, The Organization and The Ecosystem - you will learn the principles, practices and processes for solving our toughest problems in an increasingly complex, multi-stakeholder world. Each workshop is standalone and can be taken on its own; however, you will derive the most value from taking them in succession.

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