Innate Strategies

>   Co-designed a strategic change launch for the top 200 leaders of a leading U.S. technology company – radically redefining why, what and how they would change their strategies and candidly surfacing the organizational obstacles to be addressed.

>   Intervened in a conflicted collaboration between 24 members from utilities, government, non-profits and foundations attempting to come to agreement about increasing the amount of renewable energy in the Midwest U.S. Re-established confidence and trust among the participants; clarified each of their individual needs and strategies; integrated all 24 perspectives into a unified worldview of their system with a single, shared goal; applied formal analysis methodologies to identify the 4 critical resources and 11 critical intervention points (out of 160+) that radically redefined their strategies of the last 20 years. Based on the work, they’re now engaged in an ongoing collaboration that continues today and has grown to include 71 organizations, endorsements from 6 governors and leadership at the National level.

>   Worked with the Guatemalan society to integrate the perspectives of the key sectors into an integrated, mutually agreed upon worldview that clarified how to address the fundamental dynamics of poverty and create economic self-determination for the citizens of Guatemala.

>   Mapped the digital music industry for a world leading technology company, yielding insight about where/how to leverage their market position.

>   Conducted strategic assessment/analysis and marketing study for software startup, re-positioning them from a small player in an overcrowded field to a visionary leader in a leading edge application space.

>   Led a team of systems thinkers and strategists in a system-wide planning effort for a world-renowned municipality incorporating key stakeholder perspectives to create an integrated strategic and budgetary decision-making platform.