Innate Strategies ... simplifying your complex world

Innate Strategies and Your Organization

Each organization has its own set of simple solutions. Some are unique to its founding, its history, its industry or environment - to its future. Some are common to what it means to be strategic, to lead, to be human, and to be a business organization. Our own set of innate strategies is designed to help you find and grow yours.


In our work, we consistently see three drives that we deem innate to people operating in organizations, communities and societies - people want to see and understand the whole; people want to belong and contribute to their whole; people want to learn and grow relative to the whole of their choosing. Yet, the strategies and structures of most organizations conflict with these innate, natural drives.


When we see "complexity", we often assume that its underlying structure is complex. More often than not, however, what we’re seeing is the result of the interaction of a few simple, basic building blocks that produce highly adaptive, complex behavior. Knowing this frees us to intervene, not at the level of the complexity itself, but at that more fundamental, more powerful level of the basic building blocks themselves. These fundamental building blocks exist at the level of individuals, teams, organizations and their environments.


Clarity emerges when we’ve applied the right mindsets, methods and tools to the issues before us. When we achieve clarity, we’re able to see and understand the few simple "pieces" whose behaviors make up the complex "whole". This clarity enhances our ability to perceive, to think, and to act on that complex "whole". And this, in turn, enhances our ability to communicate, to relate and to perform as teams and as an organization. And the clearer we become, the easier it becomes to create the transparency, accountability and reciprocity essential to designing and sustaining an adaptive business organization, one that’s able to weather the evolutionary, sometimes revolutionary, storms of today’s business environment.

Innate Strategy

Clarity, then, is the ground out of which innate strategies emerge - strategies that resolve rather than increase complexity; strategies that are easily communicated to a broad variety of stakeholders; strategies that are easily understood by those responsible for executing them; strategies that are scalable because they address fundamental business and human issues; strategies that are generative because they are highly leveragable.