Innate Strategies ... simplifying your complex world

Fundamentally Different Assumptions

"Our fundamental assumptions about organizations, about people and about what’s possible determine each individual’s ability to commit and to succeed. In this way, our assumptions either blind and bind us or liberate our innate ability to see and go where others cannot. Today’s rapidly evolving world requires that we continually re-examine and, if necessary, re-shape our fundamental assumptions."

Causing deep, lasting impact requires a fundamentally different perspective...

... based in fundamentally different assumptions – about organizations and about people. Our assumptions emerged over the years from our work with leaders, teams and organizations across industries and across cultures.

About organizations, we learned that there is a simple, straightforward structure for causing results – for changing reality:
  • Agreeing about reality. We each have a perspective – but it's only by rigorously validating and integrating these views – each valid in some way – that we come to fully see reality.
  • Understanding what causes that reality. Reality has a structure – cause and effect – that both explains the past and anticipates the future – that can guide effective decision making.
  • Deciding about how to respond to reality. Understanding causality is a powerful beginning – but only by rigorously translating that understanding into action can we intervene to move reality in the right direction.
  • Knowing how to make the changes required to shift reality. Reliably and predictably shifting reality calls for both structural (organizational) and behavioral (individual) change – change that must be designed, sequenced and paced to match the reality of the challenge, the organization and its environment.
  • Doing all of this sustainably. Only when these changes become organizational and individual habits will you achieve sustainability – institutionalizing the ability to continually perceive, think and act in alignment with the reality you are committed to causing.
About people, we learned that most innately...
  • Want to do the right thing – and, in complex systems, that's not always straightforward.
  • Want to live lives of meaning and belonging – and we're all trying to relearn how to do that
  • Need to be challenged and to learn – and need the two to be closely coupled
  • Are designed to collaborate and succeed – we've just been systematically taught not to
  • Value being led – and are tired of being misled
We've worked with leaders who share these learnings – leaders who've internalized and operationalized them and created the initial conditions for sustainably causing the results they want.