Innate Strategies ... simplifying your complex world

"We each have a perspective – but it's only by rigorously validating and integrating these views – each valid in some way – that we come to fully see, understand and effect reality."

So, what does achieving clarity and creating deep, lasting change look like down on the ground - very straightforward:
  1. Reality – We interview your leaders and brightest people to deepen and clarify your goals (in measurable, time-specific terms) and the essential components required to accomplish those – based on their own experience in their area(s) of expertise.
  2. Cause – We reflect your interview(s) back to you as an integrated "causal map" – a single page dynamic view of your "world" as you see it. And we modify it until it rigorously and comprehensively represents the reality of how you cause the results you’re committed to.
  3. Respond – Once validated with your team, we guide you through your "system" to determine – not the dozens of things you could be doing – but the handful of initiatives (usually 3-7) that you now know, with certainty, will directly result in your success.
  4. Change – Focusing on the 3-7 levers that emerge from the analysis, we co-design the structural (organizational) and behavioral (individual) changes essential to successful implementation, defining their measurable, time-specific goals and determining their implementation sequencing and pacing.
  5. Sustain – To institutionalize the changes both organizationally and individually, we co-design the principles, practices and processes – and the feedback mechanisms – that will transition the initial changes into sustainable habits.