Innate Strategies ... simplifying your complex world

Clarity and Strategy

Strategy demands clarity. Strategy is the art of "seeing" the optimal path through a field of complexity (whether it's war, chess, business, politics, etc.). While this requires the ability to see and understand the "whole", we have been systematically taught to see/understand pieces (disciplines, specialties, industries, fields). But there are straightforward, transferable processes for constructing, interpreting and successfully navigating the whole from a place of clarity. And, from this clarity, emerges a simplicity that enables us to actually execute an optimal strategy a strategy that seems innate.


We work with leaders, teams and organizations to establish two initial strategic conditions. First, we look to the organization itself to clearly understand and articulate its most deeply ingrained purpose - the source of its true identity - its unique, innate "brand" or "vision". We look for those things that reflect your organizations work at its best.

From that generative seed, we construct a view of this organization "as a whole" - a single, comprehensive, sufficiently detailed structural and functional understanding of how the organization accomplishes its best work. This, then, forms the basis for a rigorous assessment and analysis of where the organization stands relative to where it seeks to go - what it will achieve.

Only in this way, by seeing the "whole" of your organization relative to its complex, competitive environment, can leaders begin to see with clarity and, from that place, navigate their strategic course.